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Who let the dads out?

Saturdays 10-12 Once a month : Starts 2016

Follow the Facebook link here: Who let the dads out St Justus

Good reasons for men to give Who Let the Dads Out? a try:

– quality time to play with the kids
– have a breather and a bacon roll and chat to other blokes
– give your other half a break
– It’s free of charge in Autumn 2016 … come and give it a go!

Who Let The Dads Out? is a growing movement that resources churches to reach out to dads, father figures and their children. We believe that to ‘turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers’ (Malachi 4:6, NIV 1984) is a powerful way ‘to make ready a people prepared for the Lord’ (Luke 1:17). We want to see churches creating spaces where dads, father figures and their children can have fun together, and is founded on the Christian principle of wanting to demonstrate God’s love to communities. Who Let The Dads Out? provides a number of ideas and resources to ‘journey’ with dads and their children in the context of family support, ministry and mission.