Emergency Assistance Grants via CAB

Citizens Advice Medway operates the Medway Council Emergency Assistance Grant Scheme.

This service is for exceptional emergencies and those in crisis only. All other avenues of support will be explored before an award is considered.

The criteria is restricted with the funding fixed for the current financial year. A thorough application process will be followed. For further information on the scheme, follow this link.

The aim of the scheme is to:

  • help low income individuals/families struggling to afford food and other essential items due to a crisis
  • help people to establish themselves in the community following a stay in institutional or residential care, or to remain in the community rather than enter institutional or residential care
  • ease exceptional pressures on families eg: the breakdown of a relationship (especially involving domestic violence), onset of a disability/caring responsibility, or a calamity such as fire or flooding
  • help people setting up home as part of a resettlement programme
  • help people with no recourse to public funds, regardless of immigration status, if the need for support is genuine (for example due to a serious health problem or risk to a child’s wellbeing)